Depressed because your comedy screenplay isn’t paying the bills — like you’re spinning your wheels — like you’re running out of time and on the verge of a total psychological breakdown?

Of course, you do. We’re comedy writers. It’s what we do.

But despair not, my friend. I’m Aaron — and I want to help.


I help comedy screenwriters mine the comedic gold within their stories and efficiently produce market-ready scripts via one-on-one development, rewrite guidance, marketing strategies, & other general hand-holding.


Comedy is hard.


I can…

  • give you perspective on your screenplay.

  • help fix any story problem.

  • be your writing partner (without taking credit).

  • do your comedy punch-up for you.

  • or just advise you on next steps.

Whether your script is in development or its final polish —

I genuinely want to read more and find out what happens to these characters in this crazy world!
— contest feedback notes (BlueCat Competition)

Look, Ma! I helped!

You really captured the essence of my script. Thanks so much, Aaron!
— Shiba T.
The action is great, the ideas and humor are brilliant... the best part of the script.
— professional coverage notes (The Tracking Board)